I highly recommend everyone take a class like Lara's class for several reasons. ONE, the basic birth class given through a hospital is sorely insufficient in preparing mothers and fathers for birth. A class like Lara's gives 1) far more quality information on birth, 2) helps the expecting mother and father anticipate dozens of obstacles and potential medical hurtles, 3) and provides alternative views and birthing techniques that the hospitals will never inform you about. TWO, Lara's class delves into the controversial procedures and interventions used by most US hospitals, and her class shows you how to avoid these often unnecessary practices which can harm the mother and the child. (My wife's first birth was a C-section because of one such hospital intervention). THREE, Lara's class informs you of your patient rights, and highlights the most common patient rights that a husband and wife will need to know. FOUR, Lara's class is actually fun. I went reluctantly on my first day but found the class not only informationally excellent, but was surprised by Lara's mixture of humor, joy, and passion. When the second class rolled around, I was looking forward to it.

Hey Lara, I am so glad I met you and was able to take your class! It gave me the power to believe in my body and ability to labor by myself at home!! I was confident that I would know how to deal the with pain. I was in fact able to deal with labor pain with ease and I feel that my labor and deliver went perfectly, especially since my baby and I came out healthy!! I will be forever great full for you helping me believe in myself....... Btw the class also helped JR deal with me in labor. He was a great coach and knew what to expect, so he wasn't too surprised when labor changed! Thanks again Lara I will refer you anytime! ~Lots of love K,J&T

Lara Carlos is an amazing Doula and teaches a wonderful birth class.  Being a former paramedic, I was skeptical about natural birthing. After experiencing the class taught by Lara my skepticism was gone.  She presents the class with the REAL facts about birth.  We also had her as our Doula when our second child  was born.  To see how caring, nurturing, loving and helpful she was to my wife and I was an awesome experience.   I would have Lara be our Doula with any other children my wife and I have in the future.  Most importantly I trust the care and well being of my wife and babies in her hands. ~Joe Harris


Lara's birthing class was literally life-changing for my husband and I! We found out about Lara from one of our clients while we were pregnant with our first child, and originally approached her to be our doula, but found out she was pregnant herself! She shared with us about her birthing class that she would still be teaching, so we decided to take her class instead of the class offered by our local hospital. To this day, it's one of the best decisions we've ever made! When we went into her class that Saturday morning, we were planning on having a hospital birth. By the time we left, we knew we wanted to follow our dream of having a homebirth, regardless of the cost. She not only opened our eyes to what our rights are as patients in the hospital, but she opened our hearts to the amazing journey that is birth. We were so fortunate to not only meet her and learn from her, but also to have her be a part of our journey with our son. She is one of the most strong women we have ever met, but she has the most beautiful, gentle and loving spirit at the same time. We just love her!!! (Jess & Stephen Robertson)

Lara is the perfect person for supporting and preparing pregnant women for birth. She is one of the most positive and happy people I know. My husband and I attended her childbirth education class. I left the class feeling excited about the birth of my first child and empowered with the information needed to make good decisions. We were so satisfied with her class that we asked her to be my doula. She was there for me when questions came up or I needed support leading up to the birth. When labor began she checked in with my husband on the phone throughout the early stages and came to my house to see how I was doing. When I entered active labor she came to my house to stay. She kept me grounded and focused on working through the contractions. Her guidance and encouragement when it came time to push were critical to me having the birth experience I wanted. To top it off, she made delicious vegan soup for me right after my baby was born! Lara is passionate and knowledgeable about birth. Her positive nature made her an integral player in the beautiful homebirth of my son. ~Chanel

perfect birth class for hospital, birth center & home birth couples.

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